Welcome to the home of the South Dakota State University Jackrabbit Yearbook!

The 2014 Jackrabbit Yearbook is still available for purchase! The book has pages of photos and information about student organizations, student life, activities and special events. We worked hard this year get as many student faces in the book as possible.

For just $25 you could have a fabulous keepsake of SDSU’s 2013-2014 academic year. Use it to relive the glory days of your college experience for years to come!

And that’s not all, in the 2015 book we plan to include student head shots and will begin taking those photos the first week of classes. Look for our table in the Student Union Main Street and stop to get your photo taken. We want your face in the Jackrabbit Yearbook!

2012-2013 book is landmark achievement

For the first time in 10 years South Dakota State University students published a book chronicling the events of the academic year. The 2012-2013 Jackrabbit Yearbook was a monumental step in SDSU history as it was the first book produced in ten years, included award-winning student activity groups, covered our one-of-a-kind athletes and teams as they made their runs for championships, and incorporated great memories from the “100 years of Hobo Day” celebration.

The Jackrabbit Yearbook theme coincided with the 100th Hobo Day with “100 Years of Hobo: Hobos by Choice.”